TV Reporter

MAC Marketing Accountability – CBC News Vancouver at 6 – June 29, 2014

In February 2013, I filed a TV story on Asian buyers who travelled to Vancouver to buy real estate during the Lunar New Year period. The piece featured two sisters who were supposedly shopping for a condo with their Chinese parents. But, the two women were actually employees of the marketing company, and their manager had instructed them to pose as buyers. This is my follow-up TV story on the consequences of real estate misconduct and the implications for Vancouver’s housing market.

Video Journalist

The International Preview : Big Money Esports Tournament Comes to Vancouver – August 20, 2018

This story was a preview of the biggest money tournament in esports, Dota 2’s The International. It ran on CBC News Vancouver’s supper hour and late night newscasts as well as nationally on CBC News Network, and was part of a multi-platform series I produced and reported on the event.


B.C. Lions Home Opener – CBC News Vancouver Weekend – June 16, 2018

I filed this story on the B.C. Lions 2018season opener for CBC Vancouver’s TV weekend newscast. It was shot using a Sony ENG 500 series camera and edited on Avid Newscutter.

Live Reporter Interview

Quest Means Business – CNNi – August 24, 2018

I was interviewed live on CNNInternational’s flagship business show “Quest Means Business” regarding esports, The International and the future of competitive gaming.

Story Producer

Teen Tanning Test – CBC News Vancouver at 6 – June 6, 2012

I produced this story along with CBC B.C.’s investigative team as part of a country-wide look at the rules surrounding tanning beds. The hidden-camera investigation revealed teens could easily skirt rules around age at many tanning salons.

Culture of Sleaze – CBC News: The National – July 22, 2011
I produced this documentary with the team at CBC London on the 2011 phone hacking scandal that led to several criminal convictions and prompted the closure of the News of the World newspaper after 168 years of publication.