Winners Of Esport Championship Will Divvy Up More Than $25 Million – Reporter Interview

David Greene, of National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, talks to Matthew Black, a sports reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who’s covering this weekend’s Dota 2 tournament, about the biggest esports event of the year.

London Riots – Live Report

From CBC Calgary – The Homestretch with David Grey
August 10, 2011

LONDON – Yesterday’s huge show of police force prevented rioting in London from reaching the heights of the three previous nights.

That’s the good news.

But, early this morning three Birmingham men reportedly trying to prevent looting, were killed in a hit and run. Elsewhere, citizens are taking matters into their own hands in defence of their property.

Matthew Black is a journalist working with CBC’s London bureau. He joins us on the line now with the latest…

World Rugby Sevens Team Canada Update

For CBC Vancouver hourly newscast with Susan McNamee
March 12, 2016

VANCOUVER – There was some good news and some bad news for Canada today at the World Rugby Sevens. And the day is not over yet.

BC Place is hosting the big event.

And our Matthew Black is there with the latest.


World Rugby Sevens Day One Preview

For CBC Vancouver hourly newscast with Brian Dance
March 12, 2016

VANCOUVER – Fans have been streaming through downtown Vancouver this morning as play at the World Rugby Sevens got underway a few hours ago.

It’s an international competition featuring 16 of the world’s best rugby-playing nations.

Team Canada is about to step onto BC Place turf and take on Wales in its opening game.

And our Matthew Black is there live.


Vancouver Sun Run Set Up – Live Update

For CBC Vancouver: North by Northwest with Margaret Gallagher
April 21, 2013

VANCOUVER – People are beginning to make their way up Georgia Street as they prepare to do the Sun Run.

Over 47,000 people from B.C. and beyond are expected to pound the pavement in this massive run.

CBC reporter Matthew Black joins us live on the line near the start line of the race.