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Welcome to London’s recession Olympics
I pitched and wrote this analysis piece while working at CBC’s online features desk in Toronto. It highlights how the prevailing political and economic trends affected the 2012 Olympics in London and was featured on the CBC News national website.


Former MAC Marketing manager disciplined over fake Chinese buyers

In February 2013, I filed a TV story about the myth of Asian buyers traveling to Vancouver to buy real estate during the Lunar New Year period. The piece featured two sisters who were supposedly shopping for a condo with their Chinese parents. But, the two women were actually employees of the marketing company, and their manager had instructed them to pose as buyers. This is my follow-up TV piece on the consequences of real estate misconduct and the implications for Vancouver’s housing market. The above video is also embedded in the web version of the same story found here.


Winners Of Esport Championship Will Divvy Up More Than $25 Million
David Greene, of National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, talks to Matthew Black, a sports reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who’s covering this weekend’s Dota 2 tournament, about the biggest esports event of the year.


London riots live radio update
This news hit from CBC Calgary’s The Homestretch with David Grey is one of several live reports I did from London following the England riots in the summer of 2011.


The International Preview : Big Money Esports Tournament Comes to Vancouver

I shot, reported and edited this TV preview of the biggest money tournament in esports, Dota 2’s The International. It ran on CBC News Vancouver’s supper hour and late night newscasts as well as nationally on CBC News Network.


Vancouver gears up for Canadian men’s rugby 7s weekend
I’ve covered the Vancouver stop on the World Rugby Sevens Series each of the first three years it’s been held at BC Place. The annual two-day, all-day international tournament draws teams from 16 countries as well as more than 70,000 fans, many of them dressed in colourful costumes. I wrote this feature preview for CBC Sports ahead of the 2018 event. I live-tweeted during the day’s competition, gathered tape for TV, and phoned in hourly live hits for radio broadcasts.


How dearth of Canadian NHL teams will hit local economies
I wrote this feature to challenge the familiar narrative that a city’s economy suffers when the local sports team misses the playoffs. While visuals of empty bar stools and forlorn fans give that impression, economists say it’s simply not true. I found a local pub to back that up by saying its business boomed in non-playoff years because it drew non-hockey fans who otherwise might have stayed at home.


Super Bowl commercials are even worse in Canada
This was a freelance piece I pitched and wrote for It uses a more informal tone to convey to an American readership the annual frustration of Canadian Super Bowl viewers who missed out on the multimillion dollar U.S. ads due to CRTC regulations.